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Real-World Flight Operations and Research Progress

Our fifth annual interactive seminar to discuss research issues, academic challenges, and system advances for human factors and safety management systems in the real-world of operations. The goal is to meet and share information cutting across operational domains: Part 91, 121, 135, 141, 142, 147, fixed-wing and rotorcraft, airports, ATC, dispatch and maintenance. 16 phenomenal speakers will discuss operational learning lessons and research progress. Attendees will have an opportunity to discuss their concerns and needs for human factors tools and safety system solutions, and also will receive Wings credit and/or 16 hours of continuing professional education. Come join us for a great two day seminar in Dallas this Summer!

Location: Frontiers Of Flight Museum, Dallas, TX

Date and Times: Tuesday, July 23 and Wednesday, July 24, 2013; 8-5 each day

Seminar Fee: $100 USD


Presentations 2013 click here

Speaker List:

Opening Remarks: Mr. Michael O'Harra, FAA Southwest Deputy Region Administrator
Dr. Dan Boedigheimer, Advanced Aircrew Academy, Personal Roles and Responsibilities in the Age of System Safety.
Mr. H. Bruce Brandon, Wake Forest University Law, Here Be Dragons; Don't Be Devoured By Ignorance of the Law
Mr. Alvin Brunner, FAA, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, All Weather Operations
Dr. Steve Buckner, FAA Safety Team Regional Program Manager, Helicopter EMS Culture Survey
Dr. Anthony Ciavarelli, Human Factors Associates Human Factors in Aviation: Revisiting Origins and Applications
Ms. Linda Connell, NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), What Information Tells Us
Mr. Eric Fagerberg, Curt Lewis & Associates, ReadyFlight Maintenance Software
Mr. Charles Fisher, Director of Bell Helicopter Training Academy, Maintenance Human Factors
Mr. Dan McCune, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Using the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System
Dr. Sam Nix, Aviation Fatigue Research and Lessons Learned
Dr. Salazar, FAA Southwest Region, Office of Aerospace Medicine, Human Performance and Maintaining Medical Certification
Ms. Lisa Simonds, FAA Southwest Region Runway Safety, System Resilience
Mr. D. Smith, Transportation Safety Institute, SMS Implementation and Metrics Made Simple
Mr. Michael Whitehouse, Flyte Data, Checklist for Aviation Safety Action Programs (ASAP)
Ms. Leah Yeager, National Transportation Safety Board, Accident Investigation and Learning Lessons

Agenda: Research and Operations

The seminar agenda focuses on 2 major elements, Research and Operations. Topics include human-centered automation, performance assessment, information management and display, and flight physiologySafety Management Systems, HF education programs for Supervisors and operators, and dissemination of human factors products.


We are expecting 200 aerospace professionals, representing organizations from around the globe, who will share Standards and Recommended Practices in formal and informal settings. Please sign up early and invite your colleagues!

IMG_1306.JPGMark your calendar:

Dates: July 23-24, 2013
Location: Dallas / Ft Worth, Texas, USA
Recommended Hotels
Conference Facility: Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas, TX Love Field (KDAL)
Street Map Entrance is on Lemmon Ave at signal light at W University Blvd, 500 feet North of Museum at curve in road

Seminar Fee: $100 USD

Avoid the long line! Please register and pay before arrival, so we may prepare your nametag and seminar package. Payment will be refunded if you can not attend. Full time students, please email for special rate.


Attendees will receive Wings credit through FAASafety.gov and 16 hours of Continuing Professional Education. FAASTeam_Wings.jpg
Dress is business casual
Lunch provided Day 1; Day 2 TBD.
Coffee on day 1 provided by Curt Lewis and Associates
Coffee on day 2 provided by Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Conference folder provided, attendee contact info, weblink with pdf proceedings after conference.

Door Prizes:

-Human Factors In Flight Operations Series
20% Discount code for Wings seminar attendees is 279Y (can be used online or over the phone). Valid after July 1st
Frontiers of Flight Museum:
-737 Flight Deck tour
-Family Membership
King Schools:
-Gift certificates
Signal Charlie:
-Bic 4-Color pens!

FMI: Kent B. Lewis, Seminar Facilitator

T: (850) 449-4841

E: lewis.kent@gmail.com

2013 Sponsors

Ashgate Publishing,
(Meet the authors of Implementing Safety Management Systems in Aviation Curt Lewis, Kent Lewis, Dan McCune and D.Smith (2011).
ATC Vantage
Curt Lewis
King Schools
Signal Charlie
Vintage Flying Museum
For sponsor or exhibitor opportunities, please contact Kent Lewis (850) 449-4841 Lewis.kent@gmail.com

2011 Seminar Survey Comments: "What did you like about the seminar?


The HF information was very good.

The variety and notoriety of the presenters.

I felt all the speakers were interesting. The topics were important to me as a DO.

very pertinent SMS information

top notch speakers and subjects. Excellent

The informal atmosphere.

Quality presenters and sponsors. Great networking and venue.

Aviator personal flyingh history presentations and good flying stories.

The entire seminar offered some level of benefit to me - the presentations were outstanding, the networking opportunities were invaluable and I think I have some lasting friendships that will come out of the event.

What a privilege to sit in with some of the greatest minds in their field, with a heartbeat for aviation. Best seminar I have attended in the past thirty years. I was totally blown away.

All of it was great, in particular the presentations on Fatigue and Professional Discipline. Many thanks to SouthWest Airlines for the coffee, it was a god send.

Variety of speakers, and their qualifications and credentals. Appreciated their candor.

I enjoyed the assortment of presentations. It contained a lot of information normally not found in other FAA presentations that I've attended. Good to meet other pilots and discuss issues they have encountered and resolved.

The quality of presenters and the information they provided was relevant and current to current Safety Management issues.

Agenda of speakers was excellent

Short presentations that kept the day moving with good information.

The variety of presentation topics.

Variety of speakers was great - covered lots of areas in a short amount of time.

The facilitator...Okay, so I put this one in for myself :)

It's a big world out there and I appreciate hearing what others have to say about what works and what doesn't

Quality of Presentations; Venue

Organizations Represented in 2011

Air Line Pilots Association/Delta Air Lines
AirMed Services
ATC Vantage
Alion Science
American Airlines
American Eagle Airlines
Argus International, Inc.
Bell Helicopter
Cessna Aircraft
Chartis Insurance
Continental Airlines
Copa Airlines - Panama
CRM Developers
Curt Lewis and Associates
DFW Airport DPS
Daniel Webster College
Deicing Safety Systems
Delta Air Lines
El Al Israeli Airlines
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
FAA Rotorcraft Directorate, Aircraft Evaluation Group
FAA Southwest Region
Flight Options
Global Aerospace
Group Holdings Aviation
Human Factors Associates
Jan Collmer Airshows
Jazz Air
Jet Solutions
LeTourneau University
Lockheed Martin Flight Service Station
Peru Aerospace Consulting
Professional Performance Improvement
School of Naval Aviation Safety
Seven Bar Flying Service
Sextant Readings
Singapore Airlines
Southwest Airlines Pilot Association
Texas Air Composites
Transport Canada
Transportation Safety Institute
USAPA Safety Committee
Vintage Flying Museum