Lasday.jpgSteve attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (DAB campus), earning a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Studies (Flight). After instructing at an FBO in North Carolina, he returned to ERAU to earn a Master of Science Degree in safety. While working towards that degree, which he completed in August of 2002, Steve was also a flight instructor at ERAU.
Steve next was a Flight Operations and Safety Specialist with ERAU’s Flight Department. That allowed him to gain hands-on expertise through the investigation of all ERAU aircraft accidents and incidents. Professional development by attending seminars, symposiums, and training courses was also a benefit of this position. Steve also enhanced the ERAU safety culture by the development of education/training to flight instructors, students, and management.
In 2007, Steve travelled to Ras Al Khaimah, UAE to manage the safety program at the Dubai Aerospace Enterprise Flight Academy (DAEFA). This position concerned the management of all safety aspects of flight training, maintenance, and ground activities at the facility. DAEFA utilized the Cirrus SR22 and Eclipse EA500 VLJ for their primary and advanced training aircraft. The challenging environment of the region was matched by the establishment of an effective safety culture. Standing up DAEFA’s SMS program was a crucial experience also undertaken by Steve while in the UAE.
Due to management’s decision to cease all DAEFA operations, Steve returned to the US and joined the firm of Safety Operating Systems (SOS) in the summer of 2009. This led to many opportunities for safety research, technical writing, and other efforts (FOQA, flight crew fatigue, investigation assistance, audits, etc.) needed by SOS clientele.
In January of 2012, Steve joined the Feeder Operations Safety Group at FedEx’s headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. This group manages a global network of operators that provide service to smaller airports. These operators routinely are faced with the challenges of single pilot flights, conducting flights at night, and altitude-limited aircraft. In an effort to mitigate these hazards, Steve is development an SMS evaluation program for the Feeder Operators. Various technical safety initiatives, such as advanced avionics, cockpit display of weather, TKS anti-icing system development, and pilot fatigue management, are also current duties of Steve’s.