Wondering what Signal Charlie has been up too? We moved to Florida and are immersed in the world of small boat restoration. Still flying, but the days off work are taken up with boating and restorations.

Our specialty is restoration of the early boats from Alcort, which include the
Standard Sailfish, pictured here 195? Winnie

Audrey Winnie 23 May copy.jpg

Super Sailfish, pictured here 195? Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa sails.jpg

wooden Sunfish, pictured here 1953 Zip, pre production hull number 13

Audrey Zip Summer 2014.jpg

fiberglass Super Sailfish MKII, pictured here 1963 Sweetness


and fiberglass Sunfish, picture here 1965 Wave.


We even published The Sunfish Owners Manual in 2013.

Our other projects included the wooden Sorg 15 Runabout Willow


O'Day Daysailer Cyane


and Drascombe Devon Lugger Onkahye


and 1974 Devon Lugger Roamer


In 2016 we restored Ms. Winnie Davis' 1880s rowboat Barbashela for the Beauvoir Museum in Biloxi, MS. Click here for her restoration log.



and we will finish construction of our Penobscot 14 St. Jacques in 2017. Click here for the construction log.


We were profiled in Jamestown Distributors' Summer 2017 catalog!


I still do aviation accident investigation and help out on risk management projects, so please contact me if you need assistance at lewis.kent@gmail.com.

For More Information please visit our Small Boat Restoration blog.

Fly Smart and Fair Winds!
Kent and Audrey