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Real-World Flight Operations and Research Progress

Tuesday March 29 - Wednesday March 30, 2011

Love Field, Dallas, Texas (KDAL) 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. both days

Our third annual interactive seminar to discuss research issues, academic challenges, and system advances for human factors and safety management systems in the real-world of operations. The goal is to meet and share information cutting across operational domains: Part 91, 121, 135, 141, 142, 147, fixed-wing and rotorcraft. 16 phenomenal speakers will discuss operational lessons learned and research progress. Attendees will have an opportunity to discuss their concerns and needs for human factors tools and safety system solutions. Come join us in a great venue for two days of professional networking!

Presentations 2011


Tri-Motor_Prop.JPGSpeaker Bios and Topics for 2011

Click on links for more info. There will be 16 speakers total
Welcome Address and Keynote: Ms. Teri Bruner, FAA Southwest Region Administrator, FAA and NextGe
Host: Mr Steve Buckner, FAASTeam Program Manager Southwest Region FAASTeam Program Manager
Dr Bob Besco, Professional Performance Improvement, Analyzing the Plausible Causes of Human Error in Aviation
Ms Lee Brewster, NCATT, The Role of Maintenance Standards and Certification in SMS
Dr Barbara Burian, NASA Human Systems Integration Branch, Aircraft Emergencies: Challenge and Response
Mr. Don Braun, FAA Southwset Region NextGen Branch, NextGen Update
Dr Anthony Ciavarelli, Human Factors Associates, Culture Change Implementation and Outcomes Assessment
Mr. Bob Hahn, School of Naval Aviation Safety, Naval Aviation Safety Education and Programs
Mr. Curt Lewis and Darwin Copsey, Curt Lewis and Associates, Global SMS Initiatives
Captain Jim Mangie, Delta Air Lines, The Future of Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS)
Mr Steve McNeely, Jet Solutions, SMS Learning Lessons: Practical Applications of Internal Evaluation Programs
Mr. Matt Rigsby, FAA Rotorcraft Directorate, Rotorcraft Operations and Statistics
Dr Bill Salazar, FAA Regional Flight Surgeon, Southwest Region, Maintaining the Medical
Mr. D. Smith, Transportation Safety Institute, Safety Assurance and Quantum Safety Metrics
Mr Dale Walker, Lockheed Martin Flight Service Station, The Role of Information in Mishap Prevention
Mr. Jim Weaver, Flight Options, Automation Management and Operational Deviations
Captain Herb Webber, Van Bortel Aircraft, Flying Lessons Learned: Systemic Improvements to Special Emphasis Areas

Presentations 2011

Agenda: The seminar agenda focuses on 2 major elements, Operations and Research

IMG_0826.JPGOperations: Safety Management Systems, Fatigue Risk Management Systems, Crew Resource Management, HF education programs for Universities and operators, dissemination of human factors products.
Research: Psychology of surprise, applied research for NextGen, fatigue, human-centered automation, performance assessment, and information management.

This year we will examine fatigue risk management and safety management systems implementations, and discuss cross cutting applications for business and general aviation. We will focus on a systems approach to continuous improvement of safety, operations and training. This interactive seminar will be an exercise in information sharing, with a focus on preparation and execution in an operational environment.

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Lunch at the Museum

The cost for the 2011 seminar is $100 USD, which includes both days and two lunches. We are expecting 175-200 aerospace professionals, representing organizations from around the globe, who will share Standards and Recommended Practices in formal and informal settings. Please sign up early, invite your colleagues and come enjoy some real time, live and in person "social networking"!

Wings continuing education credit will be given for this seminar.

Mark your calendar:

Dates: March 29-March 30, 2011,
Location: Dallas / Ft Worth, Texas, USA
Recommended Hotels
Conference Facility: Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas, TX Love Field (KDAL)
Street Map Entrance is on Lemmon Ave at signal light at W University Blvd, 500 feet North of Museum at curve in road

Seminar Charge: $100 USD

16 great speakers, colleagues, fantastic venue, easy travel destination, 2 days, 2 lunches. This is the best value in the industry. Avoid the registration line, please register and pay before arrival, so we may prepare your nametag and conference package. Full payment will be refunded if you can not attend. Full time students, please email Kent for special rate.

2010 Seminar Survey Comments

Proud 2011 Sponsors:

Bombardier Aerospace
Curt Lewis LLC; Flight Safety Information
FAA Safety Team, Southwest Region, Dallas and Fort Worth FSDO
FAA Office of Runway Safety
Frontiers of Flight Museum
King Schools
Signal Charlie
Van Bortel Aircraft
Vintage Flying Museum
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Lucky Louque, Brian Capone, Kent Lewis
FMI: Kent B. Lewis, Seminar Facilitator, FAASTeam Lead Representative

Fort Worth, (817) 692-1971 lewis.kent@gmail.com

2011 Attendees as of Mar 22, 2011 (122 slots filled)
Todd Addams, LeTourneau University
Carl Ammar, LeTourneau University
Spencer Anderson, AirMed Services
Ana Angelkos, Copa Airlines - Panama
Rebecca Armstrong, Bombardier
Bobby Bailey
Jack Bailey, FAA Rotorcraft Directorate, Aircraft Evaluation Group
Savio Barretto, Cessna Aircraft
Jim Bash, JetBlue
Charles Baumann, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Dr Bob Besco, Professional Performance Improvement
Trey Berry, Southwest Airlines Pilot Association FDAP Rep
Warren Bildstein, Air Line Pilots Association/Delta Air Lines
Erick Blakey, LeTourneau University
Will Boles, Transport Canada
Christopher Booth, Texas Air Composites
Ms. Lee Brewster, NCATT
Ms. Teri Bruner, Administrator, Southwest Region FAA
Steve Buckner, Southwest Region FAASTeam Program Manager
Scott Burgess, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Dr Barbara Burian, NASA
Raul Castillo, Peru
Marc Charpentier, Seven Bar Flying Service
Bruce Chase, LeTourneau University
Robbie Chapin, Southwest Airlines Maintenance
Dr Anthony Ciavarelli, Human Factors Associate
Jan Collmer, Jan Collmer Airshows
Wes Crosswhite, Bell Helicopter
John Darbo, Argus International, Inc.
Suzy Davis, Bell Helicopter
Cathy Dees, Southwest Airlines
Mabel Delgado, NASA
Rodney Doss
Brian Douglas, Continental Airlines
Nina Duncan, NASA
Dennis Etherton, Southwest Airlines
Andy Farrell, LeTourneau University
Donald Feeney, BP
Mike Foster, DFW Airport DPS
Bob Hahn, School of Naval Aviation Safety
Group Holdings Aviation
Tom Guyton, Spindletree
Robert Hahn, US Navy School of Aviation Safety
Rob Holliday, UK
Mike Harris, Southwest Airlines Pilot Association ASAP ERC Rep
Donald Hide
Stephanie Hide
Chuckie Hospers, Vintage Flying Museum
Bill Jarrott, Mitre
R David Johnson, American Airlines
Ed Jonak, Southwest Airlines Maintenance
Cathy Jones, FAA Senior Flight Safety Officer, CRM
Richard Keltner, Global Aerospace
Gerald Kosbab, Sextant Readings
Captain Neil Krey, CRM Developers - Org
John Kreeft, Daniel Webster College
Tom Kubik, USAPA Safety Committee
Ram Kursh, El Al Israeli Airlines
Patti Lacen, Southwest Airlines
Curt Lewis, Curt Lewis and Associates
Kent Lewis, FAASTeam Lead Rep
Tim Liddle, FAA Southwest Region
Edwin Lim, Singapore Airlines
Bob Lines, American Airlines
Robert Little, Global Aerospace
Captain Bill Lusk, Southwest Airlines Pilot Association Safety Chairman
Captain Jim Mangie, Delta Air Lines
David Martin
Theresa McCormick, ATC Vantage
Brian McKinney, DFW Airport DPS
Steve McNeely, Jet Solutions
Brian Mickel
Christian Morales, LeTourneau University
Dr. Albert Moussa, BlazeTech
Jesse Munguia, Southwest Airlines
David Nelson, MCHSI
Paul Nielsen, Bell Helicopter
Paul Novacek, Flight Safety International
John O'Donnell, FAA Air Traffic Safety Action Program, ATSAP
Susan Plano-Faber,
Greg Qualls, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Jim Quinn, FAASTeam Rep
Jeffrey Randolph, CAE Simuflite
Scott Reid, Southwest Airlines Pilot Association ASAP ERC Rep
Alan Roy, Southwest Airlines Pilot Association ASAP ERC Rep
Bob Rutledge, Chartis Insurance
John Sabel, USAPA Safety Committee
Dr Bill Salazar, FAA Regional Flight Surgeon, Southwest Region (Pending)
Bill Salmon, Global Aerospace
Julia Schreake, DFW Airport SMS
Nick Seemel, ALPA/Jazz Air
Chee Seng Seow, Singapore Airlines
Delbert Shorb, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
D. Smith, Transportation Safety Institute
Jaques Smith, Southwest Airlines Maintenance
Tucker Steele, Southwest Airlines Maintenance
Carl Stursman, LeTourneau University
Adrienne Sullivan, Bell Helicopter
Roy Tamir, Medsim
Thomas Trippe, USAF AETC
Kevin Udd, Bell Helicopter
Dr Chris Wickens, Alion Science
Mr Dale Walker, Lockheed Martin Flight Service Station
Jim Weaver, Flight Options
Captain Herb Webber, FAASTeam Rep
Ron Whipple, Deicing Safety Systems
David Wiley, American Eagle Airlines
John Williams, Bell Helicopter

2010 Seminar Organizations Represented
Air Associates of Kansas
Air Line Pilots Association
AirMed Services
Allied Pilots Association
Altier Law Offices
American Airlines
American Eurocopter
Argus International, Inc.
Bell Helicopter
Bombardier Aerospace
Chartis Aerospace Insurance Svc
Chief of Naval Ar Training Safety
CAE Simuflite
Civil Aerospace Medical Institute
Continental Airlines
CRM Developers
Crosswind Aviation
Curt Lewis & Associates
Dallas Airmotive
DFW International Airport Planning, ATC
Deicing Safety Systems
Delta Air Lines
FAA - Southwest Region FAASTeam
FAA Safety Team
Flight Options
Flight Safety, Intl
Frontier Airlines
Georgia Tech Engineering Psychology
Hewlett Packard Aviation
Hillard Energy
Hobbart Regional Airport
Human Factors Associates
Hummingbird Aviation
Institutes for Behavior Resources
Intl Society of Air Safety Investigators
Jan Collmer Airshows
Jet Solutions
Korean Air
Lockheed Martin Flight Services
Magenta Line
McQueary Henry Bowles Troy LLP
NASA Flight Sim Engineering
Pinnacle Airlines
PPI Aero
Singapore Airlines
Southwest Airlines
The Ohio State University
Transport Canada Civil Aviation
Transportation Safety Board (TSB) Canada
Tyson Foods
United Airlines
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Human Factors
University of North Dakota
Van Bortel Aircraft
Wiegmann, Shappell and Associates