Maumee, OH



 14 CFR 119 Qualified Air Safety Professional  Air Accident/Incident Investigation
 Safety Program Management  Aircraft Crash and Emergency Management
 Aviation Systems Management  Human Factors & Safety Training
 Aviation Law & Regulatory Compliance  Hazard/Fault Identification & Analysis
 Crew Resource Management & Training  Aircraft Crash Survivability Analysis & Design
 Aviation Systems Safety  FAA Comm. CFII Pilot 1580+ Hrs.
 Aviation Operations Security  Technical Writing & Documentation

PC proficient with Word, WordPerfect, Excel, Lotus, and PowerPoint. Experience with both LAN and WAN technologies for aircraft safety, regulatory reporting and investigation.


Manager of Flight Safety September 2007-June 2009
Dubai Aerospace Enterprise Flight Academy, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

The position is tasked with operational oversight of all safety-critical aspects concerning flight, a/c maintenance, and ground safety at DAEFA. The flight training program (Cirrus SR22 and Eclipse EA500 VLJ aircraft) is the primary safety area of focus. Key functions of the position are safety program development, event reporting system management, and accident/incident investigation. SMS program design and implementation is also an element of the job. The Safety Manager maintains direct liaison with Federal (UAE GCAA), regional (Ras Al Khaimah DCA), and airport safety and operational agencies. The requirement for aviation safety education and training to be delivered to both flight instructors and students is a function of the position. The job demands the development of a high-performance safety culture for the entire DAEFA organization. The task of aircrew desert survival equipment kit design/procurement/maintenance is another mission-critical duty of the job, especially considering the extremely harsh local environment. DAEFA personnel security program duties (credential issuance, basic security training, and liaison with regional law enforcement) constitute the security aspects of the position.

Duty Flight Supervisor June 2005-September 2007

The Duty Flight Supervisor provides direct and immediate supervision of all flight operations conducted at the Daytona Beach ERAU campus. This duty relies on a high degree of aviation operational experience regarding flight training aircraft/personnel dispatch procedures, flight operations, and real-time aviation weather analysis. The Duty Flight Supervisor is the on-scene representative of the Chief Pilot during times when the Chief Pilot is not present. The primary focus of the position is operational flight safety, as the Duty Flight Supervisor constantly monitors and evaluates all flight operations. In the event of an emergency, the Duty Flight Supervisor coordinates with ERAU Flight Safety and Security personnel, the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, and State/Local Law Enforcement agencies to the extent required. The monitoring of physical security of the ERAU training aircraft fleet and ERAU’s ramp is also tasked to the Duty Flight Supervisor.

Flight Operations and Safety Specialist June 2003-June 2005

This position reports directly to the Flight Department Chairman and helps him in overseeing the management and supervision of the department’s assets, resources, contracts, planning, and other activities/functions as directed. The position also aids the Director of Flight Safety and Security Programs with the tasks of flight safety and security events data collection, archiving, and analysis. Furthermore, the Flight Ops/Safety Specialist assists the Director of Flight Safety and Security Programs with the investigation of all ERAU-operated aircraft accidents and incidents. Both the immediate response to the event scene and elements of the subsequent investigation are also duties of the Flight Ops/Safety Specialist. The Flight Ops/Safety Specialist functions as the direct and primary link between the Director of Flight Safety and Security Programs and all involved personnel (flight instructors and/or students) utilizing any and all ERAU Flight Department assets.

Asst. Director of Aviation Safety and Security/Team Safety Leader April 2002-June 2003

The Assistant Director of Aviation Safety and Security was tasked with assisting in the development, implementation, and maintenance of professional and proactive aviation safety and security programs. The position helped in the development and promotion of safety and security awareness and the collection, investigation and analysis of hazard/incident reports. Also, the Team Safety Leader served as the liaison between the Director of Aviation Safety and Security and the flight instructor group. The position assisted the ERAU Investigator In Charge (IIC) during accident/incident investigations in conjunction with the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The TSL represented the University in industry and governmental aviation safety and security-related matters and is a FAA-appointed Aviation Safety Counselor. Lastly, the Team Safety Leader assisted in providing operational security during the daily flight activities.

 Member of Team Safety Group.
 Member of ERAU Aircraft Accident Investigation Board
 Performed Various ERAU Facility Safety Audits
 Received US Government Aviation Security Training
 FAA Licensed Pilot Commercial/CFII with 1580+ Hours

EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY, Daytona Beach, Florida July 1998-April 2002
Flight Instructor

The position provided general aviation flight, simulator, and ground instruction in accordance with ERAU and FAA regulations and procedures. The flight instructor prepared schedules, maintained training records, and ensured that each student in each flight course met course standards, training requirements, and objectives. The flight instructor also ensured that each student understood and practiced all aspects of the ERAU Aviation Safety Program.

EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY, Daytona Beach, Florida July 1998-Sept. 2007

Embry-Riddle is a global institution that holds a prominent position as an aviation/aerospace educator. The university is the world’s largest independent aeronautical university and boasts a student body of 21,000 from all 50 states of the U.S. and more than 90 nations worldwide. The University operates a fleet of approximately 150 training aircraft.

METRO AIR CENTER, Fayetteville, North Carolina March 1997-July 1998
Flight Instructor at FAA Part 61/141 Fixed Based Operator

The position provided general aviation flight training and associated duties relating to fixed base operation (FBO) business activities. Performed safety liaison duties with the local FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). Assisted in accident/incident investigations regarding aircraft owned by Metro Air Center.


Master of Aeronautical Science, M.A.S.
Aviation/Aerospace Safety Systems Specialization

Bachelor of Science, Aeronautical Studies
Concentration in Flight

ICAO English Language Proficiency Workshop
GCAA, Dubai, UAE

ICAO/FSF Middle East Aviation Safety Summit
Abu Dhabi, UAE

ICAO/UN WFP Aviation Safety Office Safety Management System (SMS) Program
Sharjah, UAE

UAE Ministry of Health RAK Division First Aid/CPR Training
Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

National Transportation Safety Board
Basic Accident Investigation Course
NTSB Academy, Ashburn, VA

National Transportation Safety Board General Aviation Accident Prevention Symposium
NTSB, Washington DC

National Transportation Safety Board
Investigating Human Fatigue Factors in Transportation Accidents
NTSB Academy, Ashburn, VA

FAA Aircraft Crash Investigation (101) For First Responders
FAA Safety Center, Lakeland, Florida

Behavioral Safety Now Conference
Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, Reno, Nevada

Southern California Safety Institute
Accident Investigation Management Course


o Member, International Society of Air Safety Investigators
o Member, National Association of Flight Instructors
o Member, GAIN Working Group E – Pilot/Controller Safety Issues


o FAA-Appointed Aviation Safety Counselor, Orlando FSDO-15
o Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University President’s Safety Award Recipient
o National Association of Flight Instructors Master CFI Designation


A Comparison Between the Experimental IACRA Processing System and the System in Place Used by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Flight Records Department. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (2001).