Presentations will be added here as they become available.

Dr. Dan Boedigheimer, Advanced Aircrew Academy, Personal Roles and Responsibilities in the Age of System Safety

Mr. H. Bruce Brandon, Wake Forest University Law, Here Be Dragons; Don't Be Devoured By Ignorance of the Law

Mr. Alvin Brunner, FAA, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, All Weather Operations

Dr. Steve Buckner, FAA Safety Team Regional Program Manager, Helicopter EMS Culture Survey

Dr. Anthony Ciavarelli, Human Factors Associates Human Factors in Aviation: Revisiting Origins and Applications

Ms. Linda Connell, NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), What Information Tells Us

Mr. Eric Fagerberg, Curt Lewis & Associates, ReadyFlight Maintenance Software

Mr. Charles Fisher, Director of Bell Helicopter Training Academy, Maintenance Human Factors

Mr. Dan McCune, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Using the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System

Dr. Sam Nix, Aviation Fatigue Research and Lessons Learned

Dr. Salazar, FAA Southwest Region, Office of Aerospace Medicine, Human Performance and Maintaining Medical Certification

Mr. D. Smith, Transportation Safety Institute, SMS Implementation and Metrics Made Simple

Michael Whitehouse: ASAP A Checklist for Success

Ms. Leah Yeager, National Transportation Safety Board, Accident Investigation and Learning Lessons