Dr. Dan Boedigheimer, Flight Options, Pilot Professionalism

Dr. Anthony Ciavarelli, Human Factors Associate

Mr. Dan Cilli, FAA Southern Region Runway Safety Program, Air Traffic Control Perspective

Ms. Kathy Fox, Transportation Safety Board Canada,

Cdr David Ivezic, U.S. Navy School of Aviation Safety, Aviation Safety Commander's Course

Mr. Steven Lasday, SMS for a Modern GA Flight Training Organization

Mr. Pat McCormick, ATC Vantage, Global SMS Education

Mr. Stephen Powell, Healthcare Team Training, CRM: The Intersection of Change Management and Safety Management in Healthcare

Mr. Shawn Pruchnicki, The Ohio State University, Graduate Studies in Human Factors and Automation Learning Lessons, Automation Accidents - Why?,

Mr. H. -P. Schuele, FAA Safety Team Representative, Single Pilot CRM and Safety Risk Management

Mr. Dick Wolf, Bombardier Aircraft Training, NextGen CRM,