Caroline Donohoe is an Engineering Psychologist at the Department of Transportation’s Volpe Center. Her current research focuses on identifying vehicle driver, pilot, and controller errors that result in runway incursions and airborne losses of separation. Previously, she has been involved with human-in-the-loop simulation and evaluation of tower information display systems as well as the evaluation, construction, and feasibility of low-cost driving simulators for ground-vehicle operator training on the airport surface. In 2007, the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport received the FAA’s Airport Safety Mark of Distinction for its airport surface driver training program using this customized driving simulator.

Ms. Donohoe is a member of Volpe’s Runway Incursion Severity Classification Team and the FAA Runway Safety Root Causal Analysis Team. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Tampa and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Human Factors Engineering at Northeastern University.