Michael Whitehouse is the owner and founder of FlyteDATA, a private contracting firm for ASAP event analysis and consultation. Mr. Whitehouse served as the primary ASAP administrator at American Airlines for 11 and one-half years in addition to tours of duty in crew training qualifications and flight administration. In his time at American, Mr. Whitehouse read and analyzed over 80,000 pilot reports and facilitated as many Pilot Event Review Committee meetings as anyone else on the planet ... ever. He researched, authored, designed and produced the annual ASAP report to the FAA and stood his turn as a liaison to the NTSB for reportable events. He also was a key player in developing presentations out of ASAP for SMS review.
That was his second career. His first career was a decade spent as a print journalist following a degree in Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington. Currently, he lives in Grand Prairie, Texas with his wife, Sheila, and a large garden.