Human Factors and SMS Conference Dallas 2009 Proceedings

Speaker Bio and Contact Info, Company, Presentation

Captain Dan Boedigheimer,, Flight Options, Pilot Reliability Certification Program at135 Operators and Measuring Effectiveness

Mr Steve Buckner,, FAA Ft Worth FSDO FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) Manager, FAASTeam and Wings Pilot Proficiency Program

Dr Barbara Burian ,, NASA Human Systems Integration Division, Cognitive Demands of Operating Technologically Advanced Aircraft

Dr Anthony Ciavarelli,, Human Factors Associates, Assessing Safety Climate and Culture in Aviation and Aerospace

Captain Cathy Dees,, Southwest Airlines, Human Factor Considerations for Crew Resource Management Training

Dr Asaf Degani ,, NASA Ames Research Center, Computational Science Division, Information Integration Challenge

Dr Key Dismukes,, NASA Flight Cognition Laboratory, Human Error or System Error: Are We Really Trying to Manage It? , The Limits of Expertise

Ms Caroline Donohoe,, Volpe, Low Cost Simulator Applications for the Airport Environment,
Low Cost Simulator Report and Instructional Manual

Ms Danielle Eon,, Volpe, Runway Incursion Root Cause Analysis

Col Rich Graham, USAF (Ret), FAASTeam Rep, CRM at the Highest Level--Flying the SR-71 Blackbird

Mr Frank M. Jauregui,, International Federation of Airworthiness,Human Fatigue Recognition in Maintenance Activities

Mr John Kemp, (In memoriam), Director of Safety ERA Helicopters, ERA 2009 SMS Overview
John unexpectedly passed away in March, but he had provided his brief in advance and would want us to share it. Thank you John.

Captain Neil Krey,, Magenta Line, Vegetable Gardening: Modern Tools and Techniques of the HF Discipline

Captain Kent Lewis, USMC (Ret),, Signal Charlie, Reducing Accidents in Flight Instruction, Intro to SMS

Mr Tim Logan,, Intl Society of Air Safety Investigators, Mishap Prevention Role of ISASI

Dr Shirley Phillips,, Daniel Webster College, Shirley Phillips - Human Factors in Academia

Mr Wes Timmons,, FAA, Runway Safety Program, Stop, Look and Listen: Blending Best Practice with NextGen Technology

Captain Herb Webber,, Chief Pilot Van Bortel Aircraft, From Cubs to Technologically Advanced Aircraft, 70 Years of Flight Experience

Mr John Williams,, Bell Helicopter, Helicopter Professional Pilot Safety Program (Heliprops), Human Factors Discussion in Rotorcraft Training