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Check out the great info on Tom Turner’s site Mastery Flight Training and sign up for his newsletter.
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New ALPA Runway Safety Site

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Through our new campaign, “Hold Short for Runway Safety” ALPA will focus its efforts on preventing runway incursions, excursions, and confusion. We will provide you with further education and common-sense guidance that will help prevent operational breakdowns. Every pilot knows we have too much to do and not enough time to do it between getting in the cockpit and taking off.
Check out the new Runway Safety site and give us your feedback.
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Identifying and Mitigating the Hazards Associated with Runway Incursions

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AFS Roadshow Presentation Jan 2008: Identifying and Mitigating the Hazards Associated with Runway Incursions
There has been an significant increase of runway incursions lately. In fact
it is so serious that Jim Ballough (AFS-1) and John Allen (AFS-2) traveled
around the country to meet with key management officials from Part 121 carriers to focus on reducing pilot deviations. This issue affects everyone who operates on the protected area of an airport intended for takeoff or landing.
The consequences of a runway collision are severe and it usually results in fatalities to pilots and passengers. As utilization of the National Airspace System (NAS) increases, there will be more exposure to this hazard. That is not a good combination. The key for operators to defend against it today is the use of good judgment and sound operating procedures. There are technological mitigations being developed for tomorrow, but they are not keeping pace with the growth of the NAS. We also need to ensure steps are taken at the Regulatory, Organizational and Supervisory level to ensure that no additional exposure is allowed within the system until the necessary defenses are in place. In other words, let’s not pour any more fuel on this fire. As pilots, it is not our job to fix the problems that production goals create, but many times we are left to deal with it as best we can. It is our job to operate professionally and safely. A valid assessment of the system state coupled with seasoned, conservative judgment leads to efficient decision making. We get one shot at this one, and we have to do it right every time.
This presentation provides educational re-creations of air traffic work.The FAA has provided it to safety professionals for education and awareness. Take a look at it and become part of the solution by sharing your thoughts with your FSDO’s Safety Program Manager. Or post them here and I’ll share them for you.
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Runway Safety Handbook for Pilots and Controllers

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From the FAA:
Here is a Runway Safety Human Factors Handbook for Pilots and Controllers. It has some excellent examples and tips to operate safely on and around the protected area.
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