01 Dec 10 Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Question: Hi my name is Bulent , I'm a pilot in Turkish Air Force, Next month I will resign from military and hope to fly in civil airlines. But I have a question about CRM which the interviewer will possibly ask to me. The question is
' What is the difference between civil CRM and military CRM' I have read your presentation about CRM. I hope you will help me.
I will be happy if you reply my message..

thank you

Answer: Hi

I believe that the basic philosophy is the same and both have these qualities, developed by Dr Anthony Ciavarelli of the Naval Postgraduate School's Aviation Safety Officer Course:

• Leadership
• Adaptability
• Assertiveness
• Communication
• Decision Making
• Mission Analysis
• Situational Awareness

The differences I see are that in the civilian world there is no "operational necessity" or in other words there is no need to risk passengers and aircraft to accomplish a flight. The other differences are the members who make up your (crew) team, which includes, to name a few, dispatch, maintenance, gate agents, pilot training and standards, flight attendants and air traffic control as well as fellow flight crew members. They are all important contributors to a safe and efficient flight.

You might want to join my friend Neil Krey's crm-devel.org yahoo group. He is a leading expert on CRM and there are many folks in his group who might have additional information.

One more thing to look at is Threat and Error Management, the latest generation of CRM
http://www.skybrary.aero/ index.php/CRM

Thanks for the email and let me know if you are finding all of the information that you need. Good luck with your interview!

Fly Smart,

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