Dr. Barbara Burian

Dr. Barbara Burian is the Project Scientist of the Intelligent Integrated Flight Deck Project under the NASA’s Aviation Safety Program. She studies the cognitive and workload demands of two crew and single pilot operations aboard commercial aircraft and in very light jets and other technically advanced general aviation aircraft during normal and emergency conditions. She also conducts research related to the use of automated and electronic procedures on the flight deck and pilot weather training, knowledge and decision making.
Previously, Dr. Burian led NASA’s Emergency and Abnormal Situations Study and conducted research related to flight crew response to emergencies, and the design and development of emergency and abnormal checklists and procedures, including those for response to potentially catastrophic emergencies such as in-flight smoke and fire. In recognition of her contributions to the advancement of aviation safety she was elected Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society in 2006, and serves as a consultant to the Royal Aeronautical Society Flight Operations Group.
Dr. Burian is a private pilot and has a bachelor’s degree in Education from The Ohio State University and master’s and doctoral degrees in Psychology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.