Cathy is a wife, mother of three beautiful children, Captain and CRM Manager for Southwest Airlines. She learned to fly at the University of Oklahoma where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation. Her aviation career has included being an Instructor Pilot, Freight Pilot, Corporate Pilot, and finally an Airline Pilot. She has served as a CRM instructor for Southwest Airlines since 2002 and became the CRM Manager in 2007.


Abstract for 2010 Wings Seminar

CRM, Risk Assessment and Checklists
Captain Cathy Dees
Southwest Airlines
CRM Manager

Flight Data provided information that we used to identify areas that we could reduce our risk of unintended consequences by changing the way Southwest operates our aircraft. The change included checklist usage and anchors to critical items. Flight Data and ASAP Data indicated that our changes did reduce the risk of unintended consequences. This presentation is designed to provide the communication process that we have in place to identify areas of concern and drive change.