21 Apr 10 Helicopter Professional Pilots Safety Program Newsletter

Sea Ranger with Mooch, Clark and Lt Rogers

Sea Ranger with Mooch, Clark and Lt Rogers
Bell Helicopter, Textron Inc. safety publication, Helicopter Professional Pilots Safety Program or HELIPROPS, designed for helicopter pilots is now available electronically online. Bell’s newsletter Human AD Airworthiness for Humans is published quarterly in English and Spanish and is distributed to readers in approximately 121 countries.
A popular feature of the newsletter are articles from helicopter pilot’s own experiences flying in “unusual situations;” all for the purpose of exchanging safety information, best practices, etc, pilot to pilot.


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20 Apr 10 FAA Maintenance Fatigue Focus Newsletter

The latest MX Fatigue Focus Newsletter (a product of the multi-disciplinary maintenance fatigue workgroup) is now available on-line at: Fatigue
In this issue: A Management View of Fatigue Challenges, Fatigue in the Hangar, It Really Works! (in the new Beat Fatigue!column featuring fatigue tips and testimonials), Workload and Scheduling Tools:
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17 Apr 10 Professor Madden's Bib

photo by Ralph Madden, Jr

photo by Ralph Madden, Jr
A very nice compilation by Professor Kenneth Madden of air transportation safety resources, sorted by subject. There are also some very interesting images.

FMI: Air Transportation Safety Resources

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10 Apr 10 Strange Aviation Safety Book Sighting (Or not...)

I am working on a MLS project to develop an aviation safety collection for and academic library. One of the books I came across on Amazon is entitled Aviation Safety's Flying Circus.
With a name like this, plus a book by the same author on how to tie deer hair flies, how could you go wrong? Reviews are nowhere to be found, but it now has a core publisher Belvoir. If anyone has read the book and would like to provide a review, please contact me. In return I will send you a Signal Charlie sticker.
In the meantime I wll have to use a personal expertise chip and select the book based solely on its title and the fact that one of the authors also wrote a book on tying deer hair flies. If those two subjects don't go together, I don't know what does. For both aviation safety and fishing, local expertise, operator skill and patience go a long way.

FMI (Or not...): Aviation Safety's Flying Circus
P.S. Dr Akin, if you are here reading this, we need to talk... :)

Fly Smart, not like the circus...
"Clark" Kent Lewis
2009 National FAASTeam Representative of the Year
4 time recipient CNO Aviation Safety Award
3 time recipient Bell Helicopter Rescue pin
3 time Air Medal recipient

09 Apr 10 Rail Safety Update: Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Steam Locomotive 844!

Last Steam Locomotive Built for Union Pacific Railroad Visits South Texas for the First Time to Celebrate Railroad History and Heritage

Media Kit
Fact Sheet/Schedule
No. 844


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On Board No. 844, April 05, 2010 – Thousands of people have lined the route as Union Pacific Railroad's No. 844, the last steam locomotive built for Union Pacific, travels to and from Texas to celebrate railroad history and heritage in the Rio Grande Valley.
"The crowds along the route have been tremendous and we sincerely appreciate those who have taken the time to come and experience a part of Union Pacific's heritage," said Joe Adams, vice president of public affairs for Union Pacific's Southern Region. "With this being the first time No. 844 has been south of Houston, we thought it only fitting to name the tour after a very popular Missouri Pacific passenger train, the Valley Eagle, which operated between Houston and Brownsville."
FMI: UP Steam
Don't miss this opportunity to see one of our Nation's legends, and take a moment to teach your children about rail crossing safety (Operation Lifesaver).
High Ball,

02 Apr 1 US Society of Air Safety Investigators Seminar Jun 21-23, 2010

Come join us in Oklahoma City at the National Aircraft Accident Investigation School for the USSASI 2010 Seminar on "Learning from Investigations". The workshop will include an evening reception (21 June) and two full days of training (22-23 June).
Two General Sessions, Keynote Address: State of the Union in US Accident Investigation, Human Factors in Aviation Accident Investigation and ISASI Fellow/Jerry Lederer Honorary Lecture
Three Breakout Sessions: General Aviation Accident Trends and Investigation Case Studies, Commercial Aviation Accident Trends and Investigation Case Studies and Helicopter Accident Trends and Investigation Case Studies.
Workshops: General Aviation Crash Survivability, Commercial Aviation Emergency Evacuation, Helicopter Laboratory and Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Editor: The facilities in OKC are top notch and there is a lot to share over the 3 days. The international investigatory influence is especially constructive. ISASI offers great training and I highly recommend attending.

Fly Smart,
ISASI Member

01 Apr 10 Aviation Human Factors and Safety Management Systems Wings Seminar, Dallas TX

We're all set for day 2 of the seminar. I'd like to dedicate the seminar to Doc Hospers, a staunch aviation education and safety advocate, who Flew West last week. Doc was always very generous with his time and willing to let a group of volunteers learn about how to share the joys of aviation with others. Along with his wife Chuckie, they touched a countless number of lives and inspired us to give a little (or a lot like the folks in the back row there) as volunteers at the Museum.
The Vintage Flying Museum has great outreach programs tha Doc and Chuckie built, these programs include aviation summer camps for middle and high school students, aviation workshops for teachers, and Young Eagle events. VFM hosted the first Signal Charlie seminar in 2007, a benchmark event that drew 150 people to the hangar deck on a 105 degree late Texas afternoon!

We will miss Doc, but we all carry a bit of him with us, especially when sharing our passion for aviation. In Doc's memory, donations in lieu of flowers are requested, in order that these events may continue to grow.

FMI: Vintage Flying Museum

Thanks again Doc!