Speaker Bio and Contact Info, Company, Presentation

[[file/view/Boedigheimer bio.pdf|Capt Dan Beodigheimer]], dboedie@gmail.com, Flight Options, Pilot Reliability Certification Program at135 Operators and Measuring Effectiveness

Mr Steve Buckner, Steven.A.Buckner@faa.gov, FAA Ft Worth FSDO FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) Manager, FAASTeam and Wings Pilot Proficiency Program

Dr Barbara Burian , Barbara.K.Burian@nasa.gov, NASA Human Systems Integration Division, Cognitive Demands of Operating Technologically Advanced Aircraft

Dr Anthony Ciavarelli, aciavarelli@hfa-oses.com, Human Factors Associates, Organizational Culture and Safety Effectiveness Surveys

Capt Cathy Dees, cathy.dees@wnco.com, Southwest Airlines, Human Factor Considerations for Crew Resource Management Training

Dr Asaf Degani , Asaf.S.Degani@nasa.gov, NASA Ames Research Center, Computational Science Division, Information Integration Challenge

Dr Key Dismukes, Robert.K.Dismukes@nasa.gov, NASA Flight Cognition Laboratory, Human Error or System Error: Are We Really Trying to Manage It?, The Limits of Expertise

Ms Caroline Donohoe, Caroline.Donohoe@dot.gov, Volpe, Low Cost Simulator Applications for the Airport Environment

Mr Frank M. Jauregui, FMJ1@aol.com, International Federation of Airworthiness, Human Fatigue Recognition in Maintenance Activities

Mr John Kemp, jkemp@erahelicopters.com, Director of Safety ERA Helicopters, SMS: Creating an Environment for System Improvement

Mr Neil Krey, NeilKrey@MagentaLine.com, Magenta Line, Modern Tools and Techniques of the HF Discipline

Kent Lewis, lewis.kent@gmail.com, [[|Signal Charlie]], [[file/view/Defensive_Posturing_TALAR-5.pdf|Takeoff And Landing Accident Reduction]]

Mr Tim Logan, tim.logan@wnco.com, Intl Society of Air Safety Investigators, Mishap Prevention Role of ISASI

Ms Susan Parson, susan.person@faa.gov, Special Assistant & Editor, FAA Aviation News (Tentative)

Dr Shirley Phillips, phillipss@dwc.edu, Daniel Webster College, Aviation Human Factors in Academia

Mr John Williams, JWilliams2@bellhelicopter.textron.com, Bell Helicopter, Helicopter Professional Pilot Safety Program (Heliprops), Human Factors Discussion in Rotorcraft Training

Mr Wes Timmons, wes.timmons@faa.gov, FAA, Runway Safety Program, (Tentative)